Alright, Timeout Everyone!

As someone who is immersed in social media, I’m hyper aware of how much time I spend online.  It’s a lot.  Accessing the internet is something I admittedly do at various times all day long.  It’s among one of the first things I do in the morning and one of the last things I do at bedtime.  I’m not the only one who is doing this in our family.  My husband has his device of choice for accessing online content (iPad) and my kids get on the net too.  They will often use their dad’s iPad to play games or find something to watch on Netflix.  There are even rare times when every one of is is sitting in the same room on some sort of device.  I might be typing on my laptop, my husband might be watching a video on Youtube, Nate might be playing a puzzle app on my old iPhone and Hannah could be playing a Nintendo game on the TV.  I don’t even want to add up how many devices we have in our home.  There are many.

tech time out
Nate and his Grandpa playing Angry Birds

Now, just because we all have access to technology doesn’t mean it’s a free for all here.  The kids are limited in playing games – I usually allow them to play until breakfast (Mama needs that wake up time people) and then that’s it for the day aside from TV.  I always know what they are watching and which apps they access.  We do not allow any devices at the dinner table and we place big value on reading ‘real’ hard copy books here too.  The kids know that they can’t play all day long and that using a device is a privilege (often, the first one taken away as punishment if required.)

Still.  We usually have the TV on for a good part of the day – even if nobody is really watching it.

We have lots of room for improvement in how often, and how necessary it is for us to be using technology.  I would love for our unplugged time to be as scheduled and focused as our plugged in time.

And so, we’ve decided to participate in the Tech Timeout Challenge by life insurance provider, Foresters

What does this mean?

The objective of Tech Timeout (TTO) is to bring awareness to the growing social concern about the impact that digital devices and technology is having on family togetherness. Tech Timeout offers a call to action to experience scheduled time together without devices for one hour a day for a week by taking the Tech Timeout challenge and sharing the experience with others in the TTO community. Foresters wants to challenge you to take it even further and see how long between June and September you can keep up the Tech Timeout challenge.

We already have one hour in our day where we are all present – dinner time.  But I’d like us to take an additional hour and focus on doing something together as a family be it getting out to the park, going for a walk, doing puzzles, building towers, reading stories or any other activity we can do together.  I’m excited to see where this takes us and what we will do with our time.  Why not join me in the challenge and follow #techtimeout on twitter to chat about our experiences?  I’d love to hear what you think!



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  1. This is a great idea, I’ve been trying to not be so glued to my phone for about a week now, and have some major withdrawls but at the same time I’m gaining some really awesome with my kids being outside with them playing.

  2. I was just thinking about this today when my son gave me lip about putting his phone away … but I know *I* would be the worst one. Yesterday I spent about 45 min in the mall without my phone and was all MY STARBUCKS IS TAKING TOO LONG AND I CAN’T TWEET ABOUT IT!!

  3. I love tech time out! I actually implemented out own day, once a week where there are no electronics every Sunday. I only answer important calls and emails from work..from 8am until the girls go to bed, we do this and it has been a huge change for the better. Less fighting between the kids and all around better as a family

  4. Good for you taking part in that, I think it’s important to re-evaluate the time spend online every once in awhile. I find that we spend waaayyy less time online and plugged in around the Summertime and that’s so good to do!

  5. I’ve been really bad at balancing my life and my social media time recently so I really have to limit my tech time. Maybe wake up earlier – get it done earlier, so that when the Luv Luv is available we can work on our marriage instead?

  6. Great idea! I think it’s easy to get caught up in what we do every day, and not take a step back and look at the big picture. I’m sure your family will have lots of great times together ahead during your unplugged times!


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