Easy Christmas Wreath

The Christmas decorating has begun at our place and the front entrance was a natural starting point.  I have a mirror and two candle sconces there and I didn’t want to make a big production about moving them during the holidays to decorate.  I LOVE the layered look of hanging a wreath over a mirror.  Still, I wanted to go on the inexpensive side and I also wanted something small scale as this is a busy area of our home. Things just can’t get in the way.  While I would have loved a large detailed and natural wreath, it just wasn’t in the stars for this year.

wreath on mirror

I found a small MDF circle at the craft store for $3 and knew I wanted to utilize that.  Then I stopped at the dollar store for some ribbon.  I wrapped some yarn around the circle to cover the MDF (yes, it’s the same yarn I used on the wrapped trees I did last year!)  After the circle was wrapped I hung some inexpensive ornaments we already had in the house from the bottom using gold ribbon.  I gathered up the ribbon ends like a pony tail and secured the bow around them.  To hang it, I used some wired ribbon and wrapped the tail around the picture wire on the back of my mirror. The wreath isn’t heavy at all so the wires in the ribbon are more than strong enough to keep it secure.


wreath details

I added some baubles on the sconces and that was that.  Cheap, cheerful, streamlined and festive!  It does the trick.  The whole thing cost me about seven bucks and that’s a price point I like.  I love projects like this that come together out of simple pieces.  It might not be an heirloom, but it looks great for the season and it didn’t take me hours and hours of crafting to produce. Things don’t have to be so complicated all the time and complicated things aren’t always better looking.  Do you have anything simple in your home decorating bag of tricks?  I’d love to hear about it!

wreath bottom


wreath on mirror



  1. I love what you’ve done Heather! Red is one of my decorating staples, and I love, LOVE the way you clustered the bobbles – awesome! An inexpensive decorating thing we’ve done for the past few years is gather fresh cedar boughs and make our own swags. We top with a red bow and hang one on our main door, a few on our garage, and the rest inside on our banister!!

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