Make a Cutting Board Tablet Stand

What can you make with parts from an old lamp and a cutting board?  A tablet stand!  If you have an iPad or tablet that you love to use in the kitchen like me, then you need a kitchen appropriate stand to hold it while you cook.  You can easily display your recipe on the tablet hands free without worry you’ll place it down in a puddle of counter goo.  You know you have counter goo…I can’t be the only one.


lamp harp DIY craft1)  Find a lamp and remove the harp (or buy one at a hardware store.)  To remove the harp slide the covers up and squeeze the harp together.  It should pop right off.

DIY Craft cutting board

2) Mark where you want the ends of the harp to come through the cutting board.  You want them to support your tablet so the best thing to do is put the cutting board flat on the table and place the tablet on top of it.  Position it so it’s centered and make a mark on the board about a half an inch in from the bottom edge of the tablet.  Depending on the placement of your holes you may need to bend your harp a little to get both ends through the holes.


3)  Screw your knob onto the harp.  It will cover the threads and make your stand look finished.  A wooden one is good because you can adjust the depth to fit your harp.  Most lamp finials will be too short because they have allowance to fit with a lampshade.


4) Cut your dowel to length.  I cut mine easily with a hand saw and then softened the edge with a bit of sandpaper.  You want your dowel to be wider than your tablet but shorter than the cutting board.  Once you have the piece to length, secure it to the lamp harp with some twine.  I used a criss-cross wrap and it worked well.  Tie the end off behind the dowel to hide the knot.

tablet stand DIY cutting board

5) Finish it up.  I wrapped some more twine around the neck of the cutting board and also attached a mini clothes pin so I can use it for old fashioned paper recipes too.  You could decorate yours however you wish!



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