Whole Home Vision Plan

Starting off the new year right often gets wrapped up with being organized in my mind.  And it’s funny because, ending the last year comes with the chaos of the holidays.  We still have toys that are lying about and Christmas decorations to put away.  Beginning with the feeling of chaos isn’t fun.  If we can’t begin organized then why not at least begin with a plan? A plan for how our home will function and become organized over the course of the year – and to keep it that way too?  Sounds good to me!

Last May I wrote about Peter Walsh’s advice on organizing the junk drawer and I’ve taken those principals and made a simple little Whole Home Vision plan for you to download.  It’s not meant to take hours to complete but it is meant to walk you through the vision you have for your spaces.


I’ve kept the space for writing small on purpose so that you can quickly jot down a few thoughts without becoming carried away in too much detail.  There’s also a ‘to-do’ list space for each page.  If you really need to you can write on the back for more space.  Feel free to print out extra pages and label them as you see fit to match your home’s rooms.

I think I might begin a binder with these pages and use it to tuck in bits of inspiration over the year.  Pages from magazines that inspire me, samples of fabrics and maybe paint swatches too.  The idea behind the vision plan is to keep to mind what is important to us and what is not.  If we find ourselves walking into a room and getting that feeling of dread because it’s become cluttered then we can refer back to the plan and review the vision.  It will give us a great jumping off point to bringing that room under control quickly and easily.

I hope it works for you and I hope it will help you feel like you’re starting the new year off with a plan for organization!



Click the image above to download the FREE Whole Home Vision Plan.  It’s in PDF format so you’ll need Adobe Acrobat reader to view it.  Best wishes for the New Year!



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