Strawberry Gin and Tonic

Sometimes in the summer, on hot, hot days I think about cool drinks.  I wake up thirsty and wait until it’s an appropriate time of day to indulge.  I fill a glass with ice and condensation immediately forms on outside while I prepare the cocktail.  We sit out in the sun, drinks in hand and aaaaaaaaahhhh.  It’s so nice.  Summer isn’t summer for me without a gin and tonic.




Simple.  Right?

And then I saw the strawberries sitting innocently in the fridge and sparks fired in my brain.  Why would I not want a strawberry gin and tonic?  Why have I never had one before?  It was a match made in summertime heaven!  I grabbed a berry and mashed it up and into the drink it went.  Sublime.  You must try it.

A cool and refreshing summertime drink - Strawberry Gin and Tonic!


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Strawberry Gin and Tonic
Prep time
Total time
Recipe type: Drinks
Serves: 1
  • 1 shot Gin
  • 1 wedge lime
  • Tonic water to fill
  • 1 mashed strawberry
  • garnish (lime or strawberry will work!)
  • Ice
  1. Use a highball glass and fill about ¼ full with ice. Pour the gin over the ice. Add your mashed berry, squeeze the lime wedge (I drop it right in) and fill with tonic water. Garnish and serve.

Please drink responsibly!

This simple Strawberry Gin and Tonic drink is perfect for an outdoor bbq in the hot sunshine.  If you’re making a few, mash up enough berries and cut up enough limes to have on hand so you can assemble quickly to serve a crowd.  Gin can be kept in the freezer as well.  I love these super cold. The colder the better!  Enjoy!



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