Simple Holiday Greenery

holiday greenery wall hanging

Well, December has arrived and I suppose it’s time to start decking the halls! I tend to go at this in a slow and steady manner instead of all at once.  We love to have a real tree so we won’t put that up for a few weeks yet but I love to have greenery around here and there in the meantime to bring in that amazing pine scent.  If it turns brown and starts shedding needles then I’ll remove it when we put the tree up.  If I’m lucky, it will dry as is and stay just fine on the wall.  This was super simple to put together and didn’t cost much at all.

winter holiday decorations

To make your own you will need:

  • 1 pine bough
  • 1 photo frame
  • 1 image to put in the frame
  • small item for decoration
  • String
  • Sticky wall hook


Find an image to place in your frame.  I printed this little deer out from my computer but an old Christmas card or family photo would work well too.

Lay the bough on a flat surface and determine the best place to attach your frame.  I just tied string around the frame’s stand and then tied it onto the bough, securing in the back.

Add your decorative item.  I found these pretty bells and they just hung easily over the trunk of my bough.

Stick your hook on the wall and hang  your bough on the hook with more string if necessary.  That’s it, you’re done!

winter greenery

christmas decoration


The pine is already imparting the essence of the holidays all over my home and we are looking forward to Christmas!  I can’t wait to put out a few more things to tide me over until it’s time to trim the tree.  The tree is really my favorite part – more than the gift giving and the food and the cookies.  The tree really makes Christmas for me.  I just love the lights and all the family decorations we’ve collected over the years.  I know many people decorate their tree with a theme or colour scheme in mind but for me, those old treasured decorations are so nostalgic and I just couldn’t imagine putting them away because they weren’t on theme.  I’ll be sharing my favorites via my Instagram stream so follow along there to get a peek.  I hope you enjoy decorating your home for the season and I’d love to see what you do.  Feel free to share your photos with me too – just tag @hometoheather.  Happy Holidays!






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