Walking in a Winter Wonderland

A few days ago, Jack Frost decorated town for the holidays.  Every tree received a glistening coat of white hoarfrost.  Hoarfrost occurs when there’s humidity in the air when the temperature plunges.  This humidity freezes in the air and deposits onto the trees as it falls.  It is often formed from large crystals so it has a fuzzy appearance.


Today, the temperature rose towards melting and the wind began to blow the frost off of the trees.  I grabbed my camera, and my son and we went out for a winter walk to snap some photos before it was all gone. We went to the Cochrane Ranch park and climbed the hill.

rocky mountains


We pointed west and marveled at how clearly we could see the Rocky Mountains in the distance.  It seemed as though we could walk there.

snowy mountains

The wind blew in our faces and on any other day it would have stung, but today, we smiled.

snow on evergreen

Trees wore fluffy coats and Nate tried to shake them out without success.

winter hoarfrost

In the shadows, the grass wore it’s coat of frost too.

snowy winter

This was a driveway near our home and when we drove past it again three hours later to collect the eldest child from school, all the trees were bare once more.  If only the frost could have stayed until Christmas.  Our forecast says that it’s unlikely we’ll have a White Christmas this year.  At least the memory of this moment will still be fresh to mind.



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