Breville YouBrew Coffee Maker

Coffee runs the gamut from high tech to low.  There are very primitive devices that work pretty dang well and there are brewers that scan information on how to make your joe from barcodes.  It’s pretty incredible. One thing I do know is that coffee is loved no matter how it’s made.

I know you don’t need a super fancy machine to get a good cup but there are some features on the techy side that can make life a bit more efficient and efficient is something I like.  I like it a lot.

I’m looking at the Breville YouBrew and it covers all the bases – and then some.

Grind the beans – as many as you need for one cup or 12 right there in the machine.  Vary the steeping time of the water.  Auto-start.  Beep when ready.  Auto Shutoff. Make it for a regular cup, a large cup, a travel mug or in a carafe.   This baby does it all.  Along with having two sinks in the master bathroom – this is the kind of machine that can save a marriage. Everyone can have their cup just the way they want it.


  • 0.5 lb bean hopper
  • Integrated burr grinder for maximum freshness, flavor & aroma
  • 12-Cup (60oz) top-fill water tank with full-tank indicator
  • Large, backlit LCD with brewing progress & water level indicator
  • 7 adjustable strength settings
  • 5 adjustable flavor settings (only available in ‘Single Cup’ setting)
  • ‘Carafe’ setting with brew pause feature – up to 12 cups (60oz)
  • ‘Single Cup’ setting – from regular to extra-large cup size
  • 7.5″ clearance for tall cups and travel mugs
  • Programmable clock and Auto-Start feature
  • Ready signal with adjustable volume control


I love that it does both single brew and 12 cup brew.  There are days that I am the only one who has coffee and when we have company I like to make a full pot.  I also love that it has a bean hopper attached! 


It’s a little on the spendy side.


Price $299





* Pricing information was correct and accurate at the time of publishing.



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