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Did you pick a word?  Back in January, resolution time, I picked a word that I wanted to define 2015.  My word was “Enrich.”  I wanted to focus time on energy enriching my life, my kids’ lives and my community too.  And I wasn’t talking about money, although money helps.  No, what I was thinking of was more like this:

One of the reasons I love making over old furniture is that I can add value to something that was fit for the recycle bin.  Enrich the item, enrich our home, enrich the community by paying someone for their unwanted item and enrich the planet by not adding more to the landfill.  This year I’m looking for little ways to enrich.  One of the ways I’m doing that is through this blog.  When I see an opportunity to pass awesome things on to my readers or to people in my community, I take them on.  I’m extra excited to join programs that support these goals.
Thank you to Kumon who gave me a bag of books and learning materials to donate in my community and for supporting children’s literacy.  And to Mattel’s Play Advocates program who has sent me a bunch of toys, some of which I’ve given to my kids, some to my friends and some to the community. 
So far this year, this approach has helped me in ways I didn’t really expect.  We all want to focus and pour our efforts into things that matter in our lives and we’re all affronted with decisions day to day from ‘should I buy Girl Guide cookies?‘ to ‘what is the best use of my time today?‘  I try to answer these questions by considering if the action enriches.  And if it does enrich, who or what will the action affect? I have to say, it’s helped me to decide when I should say yes – and when I should say no to something.

15 Ways to Enrich

  1. If you see a BOGO (buy one get one) sale on something you need, consider donating the second item.
  2. Turn to your community first before purchasing new.  Often, somebody will have what you need and you can work out a deal.
  3. SwapShop
  4. Donate used items
  5. Read to your kids and support children’s literacy
  6. Volunteer / Random Acts of Kindness
  7. Help someone fundraise
  8. Compost
  9. Plant a tree
  10. Make some art
  11. Visit a museum
  12. Champion a cause and build awareness
  13. Build a free library in your community
  14. Pick up some litter
  15. Smile at a stranger

Did you pick a word this year?  Are you still focused on it?  Whatever it is, I hope you find your experience to be enriching!


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