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This past Saturday I had the pleasure of attending Harvest Moon, an evening of good food, music and community. This year, Harvest Moon came together in celebration of a new Community Food Centre scheduled to open in Forest Lawn early 2016 in partnership with The Alex.

Cibo - coconut key lime tart
Cibo – coconut key lime tart

We often think of Calgary as a rich city, and it is quite rich in many ways however hunger, mental health challenges, and social isolation are still problems without enough resources for support. Community Food Centres address these issues with the power of good food. In bringing people together to learn about healthy meals, affordable markets and growing food, Community Food Centres grow, cook, share and advocate for good food in ways that other services and resources cannot.

“Food is a pathway to health, sustainability, pleasure, joy, skill building and social change.” ~ Nick Saul, president and ceo, Community Food Centres Canada

In a time when so much food goes into dumpsters uneaten it’s shocking to see many go hungry. There is an obvious need to change the way we handle and distribute food in our society and Community Food Centres work hard to be that change and provide dignified solutions to our vulnerable members of society.

Neil Osborn 54-40
Neil Osborn 54-40

Hosted by 7K Ranch, Harvest Moon was a fundraiser like I’ve never experienced before. 54-40 and Chad Brownlee provided musical entertainment, there was a live auction including a pot set from Le Creuset Canada that I drooled over, and many of Calgary’s top chefs served up incredible food.



Watching so many Calgarians coming together to celebrate the power of good food for social change makes me incredibly happy. I’m excited to see this new resource come to being over the next year and will continue to follow the efforts of those involved. I hope Harvest Moon is on your radar for next year, tickets sold out super fast this year so like the facebook page to stay in touch as you don’t want to miss out on a chance to get involved. You can also donate to Community Food Centres Canada HERE and I really hope you do. This resource is going to make a wonderful impact here in Calgary.





    • That’s part of it. It’s sort of like a food bank and a community centre mashed together. So they hold classes and workshops and serve meals too.

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