You’ll want this to prep for the holidays

If you’re a long time reader then you might remember my string of bad luck with vacuum cleaners. We have killed many and I have been dissatisfied with most of them. I don’t understand why it’s so hard to engineer a better vacuum. We can fly to the moon but we can’t vacuum our floors with an efficient machine. Baffles me.

Enter the Dirt Devil 360 Reach.

In the older post I linked to above I talked about the Swiffer vac and how much I loved it and said that if it could do an area rug then it would be perfect. Well, this baby is darn near perfect. I love that it a bagless, light weight stick vac with enough power to get up larger things like dog food and then you can switch to a small power head to do little rugs!

The very best thing about this is that it is simple enough for my 8 year old to use. Doing a light vacuum of the kitchen / dining room in between big cleaning jobs is now on her chore list. She does a great job with the Dirt Devil 360 reach because she can handle it easily, it has great suction so even if she isn’t super diligent, it still gets most of the dirt and fluff and the cord is long enough so she doesn’t have to unplug and re-plug it in.

dirt devil 360 vac

You can use this little vacuum in so many ways, it really is the versatile answer to all your sucky needs. Use it as a hand vac in the car, put the broom away and use it to sweep, look up and get the dust and cobwebs off your ceiling fans and light fixtures, get down into the cracks of the couch. So much.

Pros – 

  • Light and easy enough that a child can use it
  • Versatile for many jobs
  • Bagless
  • SWIPES tools leave no dust behind
  • Long cord
  • Great power
  • 3 year warranty
  • includes little duffle bag to organize it all

Cons – 

  • Power head only works without the extension, meaning you have to bend down to do a rug on the floor.

If you have bunches of guests coming for the holidays and feel you need to freshen up all those hard to reach places in your home then I would recommend this wholeheartedly. We have been using it regularly for almost 3 months now.  The only thing you wouldn’t want to do with the 360 Reach is a large room with wall to wall carpeting. You could do it….but you wouldn’t be super happy about that when you’re finished 😉

I just realized that I can use this to do the tops of my kitchen cabinets which haven’t been touched since we moved into this place about 3 years ago. Um. Excuse me……gotta go.

**thanks to Dirt Devil for providing this unit for review

** we have passed this item on and are no longer using it. Wondering what we use day to day? Read here: Dyson vs Roomba



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