Looking for a special gift for a child?

Did you have a special bear or cuddly toy as a child? I did, it was the sort of inexpensive bear one might find in a gift store in a hospital. Pink fur, plastic eyes. There was nothing special about it really. I brought it to school one day for show and tell and when asked what his name was I said “Pinky,” I was about 6 at the time but the name stuck and he was Pinky ever after. I slept with Pinky at my side every night and I still have him, tucked away in a drawer. He is flattened from years of using him as a pillow, has cracks in his plastic eyes and bare spots where the plush fur has worn away but I still have him and he is still special to me.

SMart Toy Bear 2

Even though that bear meant so much, I didn’t often play with it during the day. It was strictly a bedtime comfort item. I wish I could have engaged in play more with it and I wish I could have felt it was a friend.

My sister got a talking Teddy Ruxpin one year and I was SO jealous of it. I wanted something special like him, but there were six years between us and by the time that technology was out, I was too old really for a toy like that.

Does the child on your gift list have a special friend like Pinky? One of the biggest stars of the season, the Fisher-Price® Smart Toy® Bear, has been all over top ten lists so I thought I’d share a bit about it – it looks pretty amazing and I know I would have LOVED it as a child.

This bear is designed to be interactive with your child and can even play games! Have a look at the video – it might be the perfect thing for the special kid on your list.

Happy holidays!

Fisher-Price® Smart Toy® Bear

Ages 3-8Y | $124.99 | Available only at Toys”R”Us®

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