Spiced Orange Fizz

The holiday season means getting together with family and that most often means having a few drinks. Oh, hahhahaha that sounds bad. I love you guys! Really I do! Ahem. We do have a few drinks together though, we do, and I’m sure you do with your family as well. We eat nibbly foods and we play cards and we remember the good old days and it’s a party.

spiced orange fizz

This year I wanted to try something outside of the beer / wine / rum and coke usual. I wanted something warm and comforting and light in the tummy because I often over do things with heavy food. Choosing vodka as the main spirit, I looked to see what else I had in my kitchen. Oranges. Okay, what else? Ginger ale. Things were looking good!

spiced orange fizz vodka gingerale

I grabbed the triple sec and something was missing. I needed something to make it feel festive and warm – some spice. Cinnamon! You guys, get together with your family this year and make this your signature drink for the season. It’s a warm hug in a cool glass and can we take a moment to enjoy these vintage glasses I picked up at the thrift store? I love them so much! They are small which is perfect for these drinks that don’t need to be watered down with too much ginger ale.

spiced orange fizz holiday drink

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Spiced Orange Fizz
Recipe type: cocktail
  • 1 shot Skyy Vodka
  • 1 splash triple sec
  • 1 large wedge navel orange, squeezed and dropped in the glass
  • Ginger ale to top up (about 3 oz)
  • Ice (3 or 4 cubes)
  • dash ground cinnamon
  • cinnamon stick to garnish (optional)
  1. Enjoy responsibly!

vodka holiday drink ideas


** Thank you Skyy Vodka for facilitating this post by providing product. In an ugly sweater too!



  1. Sounds yummy and looks amazing. Bad thing for me is Vodka doesn’t agree with my tummy… however, I’m sure I can find something just as great to make your signature drink. Good job!

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