Taking the Leap

This is the second post in my short series about taking a leap and getting back to a focus on health after a knock back last year. It has been so so hard to overcome this fatigue and get myself on the treadmill. SO HARD. I’ve resorted to using mind tricks to fake myself out and give me a reason to lace up the shoes instead of sitting on the couch. The bra I posted about was one of those tricks – suiting up for battle puts me in a great frame of mind.

My other trick? Netflix. Yes. I watch the flix while I’m on the treadmill and the reason it is working to motivate me is that (okay, I’m going to reveal my biggest, geekiest, vice here. I’ve talked about it before but you might have missed it.) Supernatural. The TV show. I LOVE IT SO MUCH. I’ve watched the entire 10 series stretch on Netflix already. Twice. *hangs head* I know…it’s a lot of hours of tv. And I want to watch it again but I just CANNOT justify watching it through while sitting on the couch with a snack. I can’t. It would be terrible for my health for me to do that and think it’s okay.

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So my solution? I have told myself that I’m only allowed to Netflix Supernatural when I’m on the treadmill. And I’ve stuck to this. If I feel like I need to watch Sam and Dean and Castiel go toe to toe with Lucifer then by golly I need to get my rear in gear and get moving. And I always want to watch Sam and Dean and Castiel fight their way through demons, ghosts, and vampires. Always. This strategy is working and what I love most is that I can motivate myself to stay on the treadmill by making it to the end of the episode. TELUS has sent me some Jaybird X-2 wireless headphones so I can indulge comfortably without my earbuds falling out and it has been life changing. Literally.

Did you know that only 64% of people keep their resolutions going into February? I want you guys to take the leap and stick to your resolutions all year long too, don’t stop now! I know it’s hard and it sucks (holy crap does it suck) but I need you with me on this. We can keep going together! I want you to find whatever trick works for you. Maybe it’s a wearable tech item like a Fitbit? Have you tried one yet? The fantastic folks at TELUS are giving me one to give away and I hope you win it and that it helps motivate you.

At a time when most of us are thinking about fresh starts, healthier living and general self-improvement, TELUS has your back. Not only does TELUS offer one of the most comprehensive selections of fitness and health-oriented gear, they also have trained experts to help you understand how to get the most out of your fitness and health trackers.


This is so true, if you go to the TELUS learning center they can help you make sure your gear is hooked to your phone, show you how to use it and make sure you are all updated and ready to go. Worth it! Enter through the widget below.

TELUS fitbit




*as a member of #teamtelus  I am provided with products and services so I can best share info and inside tips on what’s sweet with TELUS.




  1. THIS WILL BE A GREAT WAY TO BE FIT CONNECTING WITH OUR PHoNES, TABLET, I would LVE to win this to be shared to my famiy.

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