Cupid’s Arrows

The approach of Valentine’s day always put’s me in a crafty mood. We’ve survived through Christmas and the January blues so now it’s time to bring a bit of colour into the house and have some fun. Valentine’s day is just the excuse to make something cute and hang it up in an effort to spread the love.

diy cupid arrows craft

This year I am completely enamored with the arrow motif. I wanted a quiver of cute cupid’s arrows to share with my family so I made these out of sticky back felt. Sticky back felt and foam is found at the craft store and makes crafting super easy as it eliminates the need for glue. But if you have an abundance of craft paper and glue sticks you can absolutely use those for this activity. I used paper straws for the shafts but you could use whatever you have on hand – curly pipe cleaners would be hilarious.

valentine's craft

You will need:

  • Paper straws
  • sticky back felt in colours of choice (4 sheets)
  • scissors
  • Arrow template: FREE Download !


  1. Print your template and cut out each shape. Lay your shapes on the felt and cut out two of each shape per arrow.
  2. Peel the backing from the felt and sandwich the straw between shapes. Stick together.
  3. With the scissors, cut the feathery slices in the felt matching the angle to the ‘v’ of the shape.
  4. Hang them up and enjoy!


Easy cupid's arrow valentine's day craft - no glue required!



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