Oval basket crochet pattern

Free pattern crochet basket oval

Okay, okay, yes. I have been mildly obsessed with crochet. Just a little. But you guys, it’s become this cathartic thing in my life that I can’t put down. No matter what is going on during the day, no matter what is out of my control, I can sit down and crochet and have a physical item in the end that can be held or worn or used. There is something so soothing about that. Then on top of that, I go to the store and oogle all the beautiful yarn and it’s like a treasure hunt to find the perfect one. It’s hard to choose and so I bring home a few skeins and then I go back for a few more and then I’m almost done a project, if only I had one more skein of the right colour it could be finished. It’s a problem. I needed somewhere to put all this yarn and so the logical answer was to crochet a basket.

crochet stash basket pattern

But then I loved that basket so much that I needed another and I also wanted to be able to share the pattern so that you could crochet your own basket. Everyone needs a basket, right? A basket for storing pretty yarn is just something we all need in our lives. Yes?

free crochet pattern oval basket

This beginner project is fairly simple and the use of thick, chunky yarn makes it work up pretty fast. I added leather handles I salvaged from an old purse the the first one I made and it’s my favourite ever. But I also included instructions for easy crocheted handles so you don’t need to have leather handy.

crochet pattern stash basket oval

If you’re counting yes, there’s a peek of a third basket in that photo above. I had to get the pattern right for you. Obsessed. I’m not wrong in saying that. Utterly obsessed. This crochet basket pattern is customizable in that you can use whatever colour combinations you want. You can make it striped, you can do them all one colour with matching handles or you can do contrasting handles. Whatever you want to do, you can do it because that’s what’s amazing about crochet!

crochet stash basket with leather handles






  1. Agreed. A pretty basket for storing yarn is all we really need in life. Your images are so beautiful, it makes me actually want to craft:)

  2. I’ve been trying to get this pattern for almost a week. I’ve tried to subscribe to your newsletter and I haven’t had any luck receiving an email to get the pattern. PLEASE HELP!!! I LOVE this basket!!!

    • You’ll be able to access it through any new email – just click the ‘subscriber downloads’ button. The emails come every Thursday. But I have your email address so I’ll just email it to you 🙂 Hang tight!

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