The Magic of Crochet

There’s something absolutely magical about taking one tiny, insignificant thing and adding another and another until you have something you can hold in your hand, something that can serve a purpose – something beautiful. In a way, crochet is a bit like writing. Stitch by stitch, row by row, a story forms and the ending is a personal expression of time, need, desire, want, physical aches, late nights, and love that you can give away or use to stay warm or pile all your belongings into. I find myself lost in the act of yarn over, pull through, yarn over, pull through and on and on as all my thoughts and troubles melt into the simple act of crocheting.

crochet stash basket with leather handles

I say simple because in it’s most basic stitches crochet is rather simple, but it can blossom into some incredibly difficult and complex designs. Crochet can truly become whatever you can imagine it to become and I have had so much fun exploring this fibre art once more.

crochet basket lions brand HBC yarn

When I was about 12 years old, we visited my great Aunt Irene who has long since passed away. We gathered in the old farm house on Cape Breton Island and my younger Aunt Sue had a crochet pattern, hook and string. She was working on beautifully complicated lace pattern. She taught me how to make a slip knot, how to hold the hook, how to chain. I played around with it a bit during that visit and a time or two since then but only recently has a yarn fed fire built up inside me.

crochet and boo

I absolutely, 100% place the blame for this on my blogging and real life friend Mrs Brits. When we were away in Radium for our girls weekend, she stoked the fires of obsession in many of us and it’s been non-stop crochet around here ever since. These are my two most favourite items so far. An afghan in the absolutely stunning Hudson’s Bay coloured yarn from Lion Brand and a stash basket with yarn from the same line but in grey tones – it reminds me of birch bark, don’t you think?

crochet basket and blanket

I added the leather handles (against the advice of my Grandmother….sorry Grandma!) and I’m so happy that I did. They were salvaged off an old leather purse. I set them off with a mustard yellow string for the stitches and I can’t stop looking at it. Both of these items were made without a pattern – I just set out with an idea in mind and they’ve mostly worked out well. While not without mistakes, these items will be treasured for years to come in my home. I do hope to make more of each and nail down a pattern to share. >>>It’s done! Here’s the pattern for the oval crocheted basket!<<<

Lions brand HBC yarn crochet blanket

My cat Boo is rather in love with crochet too. I am seriously considering making him a bed. If that doesn’t illustrate the depths of this crochet insanity then I just don’t know what will. Do you crochet? Are you interested in learning how? Here are a few of my favourite tips and tricks.



Crafty Minx Crochet School – I watched all her videos (yes, they’re free!) and learned a great deal from her.

Mrs. Brits Blog – have a look at her patterns and suggestions. She is brilliant when it comes to crochet, and other things too.

Raid my Pinterest board – I’ve been hoarding pins much like I’ve been hoarding yarn.

Get the Michaels App – you’re going to need coupons. Yarn is less expensive at WalMart but the selection is pretty limited.




  1. I love love everything you have made…that blanket is so beautiful! And can we talk about that basket? You made a basket!! I tried my hand at crochet and just couldn’t get it…I need to go back for round 2!

  2. I love that basket. I bought the HBC yarn but haven’t decided what to make with it. I’ve only got 6 skeins and i’m scared it isn’t enough.

  3. Love the basket you made. I can knit but can’t seem to get the hang of crochet. I will have to give a try again.

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