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“What are you watching on Netflix?” It’s a question I ask people ALL THE TIME. I’m not the biggest chit chatter and I’m always looking for fodder for casual conversations. You know the sort, you have these short interactions with the checkout clerk at the grocery store, with your hairdresser, with the dental hygienist and you need to chat but weather is boring and you don’t want to get into anything too … deep.

You can learn a lot about a person by what they watch on Netflix. Don’t you think?

Me? I’m celebrating the fact that I have two children in full day school. I’ve allowed myself to wallow in peace and quiet while they are gone. It’s taken so much to get them to this point in life in once piece that I figure I deserve it. Potty training alone says that I deserve it! As such, I’m re-watching Downton Abbey! My favourite? Carson.

The husband and I have been watching Scandal after the kids go to bed. Have you watched it? You should, it’s entertaining and touches on the hot button issues of our time but it’s not too intense. I can have it on in the background while I crochet and not miss any major plot points. The writing is smart and witty and yes, the fast talking in the first episode is sort of obnoxious but get past it – the characters fall into their roles easily and it becomes less obvious. My favourite? Cyrus.

The kids LOVE The Clone Wars. Star Wars never gets old and I really love that this is a series for kids (or anyone!) with a real plot. So much of the content aimed at kids has little to no plot and relies on flashing images and silly sound bites to keep their attention. I appreciate that there is a real story here and as a parent, I’m happy to have them watching content that makes them think a little. Their favourite? Yoda

All of us have watched Zootopia for family movie night. It has such a great message and can really open up the lines of communications about tough subjects like prejudice and racism. My favourite: Flash


So tell me, what are YOU watching on Netflix? Those of you who entered the 3 month membership giveaway that ran during September seem to be into a lot of the Netflix Originals –  Stranger Things (awesome!) and OITNB (also awesome!) and Bloodline (a personal fav!)

I learned that you guys have awesome taste, but I already sort of knew that didn’t I? 😉


I’m a member of the Netflix #streamteam which means I might get a perk or two for chatting about the service. Opinions remain my own, as always. 



  1. We just started watching Shetland. Fabulous. Its a murder mystery set against the stunning backdrop of the Shetland Isles. For the scenery alone it beautiful. And he isn’t hard on the eyes either. 😉

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