A Dozen Ways to Eat Hard Boiled Eggs


There are a few kitchen tricks that I try to follow on a regular basis which make life just SO much easier. One is to have a bowl of hard boiled eggs cooked, cooled and ready to go. When I buy eggs I use the freshest ones for frying and baking and when they have been kicking around in the fridge for a week or two, I then put on a pot of water to boil and cook them up in their shells. Older eggs are great for hard boiling because they’re so much easier to peel than very fresh eggs. After cooking they still stay delicious for a week or more in the fridge making them the perfect thing to grab when you’re short on time.

Here are a dozen ways to grab those cooked and ready to go boiled eggs and quickly turn them into something yummy for lunch or dinner!



It takes very little time to put together an amazing bowl of ramen. It’s a complete meal and won’t steer you wrong for lunch. Whether you make the instant sort from a packet or have real broth on hand, a bowl of ramen topped with an egg and a splash of sriracha is so amazing. Toss in any other leftovers or a bit of fresh greens and you’re good to go!

Chef’s Salad

The beauty of a chef’s salad is that you can put one together every day and never have the same combo of ingredients in the bowl. Switch up the cheese, meat, greens – add croutons or don’t. Do add a hard boiled egg now and then for a salad that will keep you filled up until dinner time or even as a complete dinner!

Egg Salad Sandwich

It might sound old fashioned but there are numerous ways to dress up egg salad for sandwiches. Add some spice with hot sauce or some crunch with sunflower seeds. Layer in sprouts or lettuce or do a green avocado mayo. Make it yours!

As part of charcuterie plate

One of my favourite ways to have lunch (and my kids’ too!) is to just make up a plate of what I have handy. It’s fast, easy and requires no cooking. A bit of lunch meat, a pickle, a few slices of cheese, a bunch of grapes and a sliced up egg and there you have it. Lunch in 5 minutes!

Egg and Avocado on Toast

This is pretty self explanatory. Take some avocado, smear it on toast, top with slices of boiled egg, salt and pepper, and breakfast has almost made itself.

Scotch Eggs

If you want something special to serve at brunch then give a scotch egg a go.


These make a super quick lunch or an easy dinner for those days when you’re rushing kids to extra curricular activities. You could even have these for breakfast. In your non stick frying pan, place a tortilla. Chop up your hard boiled egg, add some cheese and green pepper, layer over the tortilla in the pan over medium heat. Top with a second tortilla. When the bottom one is toasty, flip. Slice and serve with salsa and sour cream. Yum!

Spinach Salad

I love a great spinach salad and hard boiled egg makes it SO much better. As does bacon if you have it on hand. Drizzle a lovely poppy seed dressing over the top and you’re good to go. I usually toss in some sunflower seeds too.

Deviled Eggs

Just like egg salad, this is an old fashioned idea that can be turned into whatever you can dream up. Make them spicy or not. Add avocado or not. And don’t fear making just one or two for yourself – it’s not very difficult to make a few instead of a whole platter.

Breakfast Wrap

Breakfast wraps are a saviour for busy mornings. Grab a wrap, chop up your egg, add in some ham, sprinkle in some grated cheese and a bit of green onion if you have it and you’re off to start your day.


On Soup

If you have a creamy soup that is delicious but a little light on protein then top it off with a sliced egg for a complete meal. Eggs are perfect over a cream of potato soup or cream of mushroom soup. So good!

On it’s own!

If I’m feeling fancy then I might slice it open and sprinkle it with salt and pepper but the most common way I eat a hard boiled egg is as I’m running out he door. I do not do well on an empty stomach, especially if I’m going grocery shopping, but sometimes there isn’t time enough to sit down for a full meal. Instead of being hungry I have a hard boiled egg and it always tides me over until there’s time for a proper lunch.

If you missed my last post you’ll want to check out the video below. The Egg Farmer’s of Canada has put together this fun video showcasing the goodness of eggs. In Canada and around the world, egg farmers collectively support close to 200 community programs, causes, charities and events.


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