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It’s a super busy time of year isn’t it? We’ve had karate tournaments, parent teacher interviews, holiday preparations and more. In between that stuff boxes have been arriving and when I opened this particular box everyone got excited. “Don’t eat all of those when I’m at work,” my husband said wagging his finger towards the coconut macaroon ones. Coconut is his absolute go to when it comes to treats.

My kids have been chomping at the bit to get at these too but I’ve kept putting them off because I needed to taste test them myself, all scientific like, you know…..for work. Ahem. I waited until they were at school then I carefully opened all three bags and one by one, pulled a bite from each. I wallowed in the silence and sipped some coffee in preparation for my little indulgence. It felt like an indulgence but really it wasn’t, LÄRABAR bites are are made from real food with 8-9 simple ingredients like dates, nuts and chocolate and there’s only 13g of sugar in FOUR bites.


My favourite is the mint chocolate. These are so good that I’m going to put them out for the holidays along side the cookies and pretzels. My weird friend Kyla suggested that I build a tower with them. I laughed at first but actually, it would be kind of impressive! They’re awfully pretty don’t you think? It’s nice to have an option that is a bit less sugary for me to pick at as I trim the tree and deck the halls.


Of course, the kids came home from school and immediately assessed that I had done my taste test and that these snacks were now on the open market. “Yes,” I said, “You can have some. But only a couple!” Two or three bites is a perfect after school snack because they are a sweet that won’t ruin their dinner. They think they’re getting a treat (which they are, they’re delicious) when in reality, I know that they’re eating something that’s good for them.

All three LÄRABAR Bites flavours are gluten free, vegan, dairy free and kosher so they’re the perfect offering no matter who you have visiting at your home this holiday season. If you haven’t tried these yet pick up a bag!


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