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Guys, it has been a strange year hasn’t it? I feel like everything has changed, especially in the world of blogging. At the risk of sounding old, things just aren’t what they used to be. I won’t get into all of the reasons why, we can chat about that in comments or on Facebook, but in combination with our move North, the business of blogging is just not *it* for me anymore. There was a long long long time where blogging was a huge part of my identity. It’s been at my heart to communicate and build community for over 10 years (is it 13 now, maybe?) When social media and blogging first came on the scene it lit me up. I could talk to anyone, anywhere, about things that mattered to me. There was not one writer in my circle of ‘real life’ friends but it didn’t matter because I had a huge online community to chat writing with. Over the years it morphed into chatting about parenting and then chatting about food and home decor. I still love love love the community around me, but over all, running this day to day is just so different now.

Social media is different now.

If you’re thinking this is the post where I throw in the towel well, it’s not. You can’t get rid of me that easily!

But I have spent a vast amount of time contemplating what this means for me, for Home to Heather, for my online life. There are just a lot of things that I’m not willing to do. Things that I’m not willing to prioritize. Some of those things seem to be essential to running a blog as a business these days. It’s not easy to just say Hi! and play in this sandbox anymore. So if I’m not quitting and if I’m not willing to do what is required to be serious in this space then what the heck is this post about??


I’m not going to worry about writing here a certain number of times a month or even being consistent at all. I’m going to write here when I have something to share that warrants it. Something I can’t share on Instagram or Facebook. Twitter? Erm. It used to be my favourite but I’m just not feeling it you guys. It’s so hard to see content from the people I really wish to follow anywhere right now and Twitter seems to be the worst platform of them all.

I’m spending more time goofing off on Instagram because I’m loving the new video stories. They are so much fun to watch and create and I don’t even care that I haven’t grown a gigantic Instagram following. I feel like I can be myself and I feel like I can connect there because as much as I really want you guys to be interested in the content I share, it has always been so so so important to me that I can hear you too. I don’t just want followers, I want friends. This has always been my way and I guess that’s a big part of what has led me to this feeling that it’s not working anymore. It has been so difficult to see and hear you too. I MISS blog comments and the conversations that came from them.

Facebook. Even though Facebook is a big reason for all the change in the air, I still feel as though interacting with you guys is easiest there. I love that I can share my thoughts or just re-share an article I like from someone else. I’m loving groups. A lot. You can actually see the content people posts instead of having it buried by the algorithm! So novel. Funny enough, today, myself and some fantastic like minded friends have started a group just for the purposes of talking about vintage goods. You’ve got to come join, it’s fun already and it’s just started. It’s called Vintage Darlings.

And that brings us to what I’m really focusing on lately. Vintage.

Old stuff has always been interesting to me. I love thinking about who used the items and what their lives must have been like. I love the gateway to story telling that is vintage. And so, I have opened up my shop because I couldn’t keep out of the thrift shops and garage sales and community rummage sales and I had to share these treasures. I’m working on expressing myself more in drawing and journaling and artwork and some of that will arrive in the shop at some point. Maybe.

I’m still all about the goodness of home, I’ll just be expressing it differently moving forward and instead of running a giveaway for some big brand item, I might run a giveaway for vintage Pyrex. How does that sound? On board? I hope so! After all, there’s no point in doing any of this without you guys. All of this is just to say I miss you guys. I want to see you more often and the algorithms of today have made it so hard to find you. I know you still see me, the analytics tell me that you do, but one sided conversations are not so fun. I’m not going to keep doing things that take away from the ability to connect with you and growing a giant Facebook page or Instagram profile isn’t going to help with that. It just allows the algorithms to strangle us even more.

Please, join the Vintage Darlings facebook group. Join the Home to Heather community group. Tag me on Instagram if you think I’d like your post and check out the stories if you can stand to see me with messy hair and no make up goofing off. I watch stories every day and love to see yours. Make more! I’ll be there and I hope to see you too. Oh and subscribing via email is still the very best way to get any blog content to your inbox. You won’t want to miss that Pyrex giveaway 😉





  1. Yes, FB really seems to have killed blogging. I miss it the free flow and the connections but I guess nothing ever stays the same.

    • I do enjoy seeing your poetry on FB. But we are friends there, there are many people whose work I don’t see anymore.

    • Thank you so much Susan! I know you must struggle with this too. The only thing we know for sure in the social media space is that it’s going to change!

  2. When you feel like it’s time for change, it always is! I don’t think they’ll be bad changes and if you end up happier for it well that isn’t such a bad trade off eh? I’ve been enjoying my facebook groups lately too. So much more personal! I’m very much in the parenting stage with a 4 month old at home and its been leaving me so little time for anything else. The world of vintage is oh so alluring. I used to go to little outdoor vintage markets a few towns over and it was so hard not to bring everything home. The hubby thinks it’s all junk, but I’ve got some serous love for those dreamy old time pieces.

    • Thanks for your thoughts Amber! No, I don’t think they’re bad changes either – it’s just time to stop some of the crazy making things that come along with this space. I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying FB groups too and hope to see you in Vintage Darlings!

  3. I’m not sure I understand it all but I feel your frustration. My opinion: what was intended to be a “community”, as Facebook calls it, has turned “communication” in social media to become unethical, untrustworthy, profit based and yes even immoral. So much extreme hate, lies, jealousy everywhere. Humanity seems broken 🙁 I like that your going back to your roots so to say of how original blogging was meant to be. Bravo. Love that your staying positive. Being this kind of example is what we all need to be. I would join Vintage Darlings but I have lost all faith in FB. I wish I could shut mine down. See you on Instagram & of course I get your emails 🙂

    • Norma Jane, Thank you so much for your thoughts and for keeping up with my content on Instagram and via email! Facebook is a necessary evil for me at this point. There are still a lot of things I love about it. I am very far from family right now so I do enjoy staying in touch. It still matters for me in terms of work as well but I’m just not worried about ‘working’ the algorithms anymore. I’m going to engage as I see fit and let the cards fall where they may. I’m enjoying it so far and people seem to be very understanding. It’s all just so much to try to keep up with. Thanks again for your comment.

    • Haha. I force myself to write all the time – that’s what writers do it seems. But I am not willing to do three somersaults, stand on my head and yodel in order to get those pieces read! So why do the one if you have to do the other? Right?

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