Using Chintz in your Home Decor

Chintz. You may have heard it mentioned a few times here and there in articles about upcoming decor trends for 2018 but what exactly is chintz and how exactly do you use it in your home? Elle Decor decreed it was making a comeback in 2015 but we weren’t quite finished with our obsession with white. Farmhouse took over and chintz never did make it’s comeback. I think we might be ready. I think we SHOULD be ready. It’s time to bring a little colour back into our lives, don’t you think? Chintz fell out of fashion after the 80s because it was just so over done. Every wall, every pillow, every piece of furniture; plastered in delicate flowers. We don’t want to live our lives in the covers of 80s romance novels. We want feminine but we also want strong. We want pretty but we also want simple. Nobody has the time or desire to fluff the ruffly covers on our pillows. Right?

At it’s simplest, chintz is a multi-coloured pattern – mostly floral, but not always. Fruit, for example, can be a lovely chintz motif. Don’t confuse Chintz for Kitsch. Not the same.


How can we bring chintz into our homes in a modern way without feeling floral overload?


Consider scale

Large scale prints often feel more modern and less busy than smaller scale floral prints. Go with something that has a graphic feel to it, something with some weight and definition.

Keep it isolated

I love how this floral pillow looks isolated within a border of muted solids. Break up your florals with solids or other patterns like geometrics or stripes.

Mix things in

In the photo above, I love the leather strap on the pillow behind the floral one. It brings in another element that isn’t so soft. Likewise for the copper phone. Try mixing metals, wood tones and other textures into the scheme to bring down the fussiness of the space.  Your farmhouse burlaps are perfect for that touch of texture.


Don’t let it get precious

The second you feel as though you can’t plop down on your couch for some Netflix because you have to move pillows or whatever is the second you’ve lost it. Modern day living means we need to be comfortable, cozy, and willing to muss up the primping in favour of comfort. Never let things feel like you can’t lounge in your space. In the photo above I’ve used vintage decor with touches of chintz to round out an eclectic vibe.


Simplify lines

No ruffles. No. Likewise for detailed scroll work on furniture. It’s best to keep your lines simple if you’re going to wow things up with chintz.  I love mixing eras, metals and well…everything for a relaxed yet connected feel. I think chintz fits into this philosophy really really well.


Say yes to chintz! It doesn’t mean you need to flower bomb your space, it just means you’re open to a little floral softness. Who doesn’t need a bit of colour and bloom in these dreary winter months anyway? I know I need it – as I write this it’s -25C and I’m in the throws of the January Blahs. Chintz in my home decor is just what I need to bring things back to life.



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