Vanity Stool Make Over

This was a fun little project that took almost no time at all. In fact, I think I spent more time trying to decide which fabric to choose than actually recovering the seat. Thanks so much to my Facebook friends for helping me pick! I ended up going with the orange polka dots and the reason for this choice was scale of pattern. The florals were just too big in scale and looked wrong on this petite chair.

I pulled off the old seat cover which was actually vinyl believe it or not. I liked the colour and pattern well enough but it was really quite grungy. Can’t have that. I picked this chair up at my favourite thrift shop for $7.50. Add in the fabric (it’s actually a tea towel from a Halloween themed set!) and pom-pom trim that I already had and we’re into this for less than $10. I think that’s a steal.

This was such a simple job and I enjoyed stapling the new fabric over the seat. Once it was all on there I trimmed away the excess and went to work on the pom-pom trim. I just hand stitched it with some coordinating embroidery thread. It’s nice and strong and I sort of like that you can see the hand stitching.

When all that was done I reattached it to the chair. So easy. Anyone could do this job! I chose not to touch the finish on the metal for two reasons. #1) I love the gold and even liked that it was starting to show some age patina. #2) This item is for resale and so the goal is to get it looking awesome for as little cost (both time and money) as possible. I think I hit the mark here. Let’s hope someone else agrees and has to have this for their home!

Here she is in all her revamped cuteness! It’s perfect for a little girl’s bedroom now. All fresh and clean and whimsical.

Matching colours is all well and good but sometimes, coordinating is great too. The polka dots are a true orange, the pom-poms are a little peachy and the stitching is pink. It works and it’s what I had on hand so I went with it. What little girl can resist pom-poms? Do you know one? I sure don’t!


As usual, I love this piece and don’t want to let it go. I could use it in my office at my sewing desk sigh. Not keeping everything is the hardest part of this whole endeavor. I’ll take solace knowing that this grungy little unloved chair is clean and fresh and going to get used again. I love how it turned out!


** EDIT Oct 2018 **

This gorgeous little thing has been sold! Looking for more on flipping furniture? <— click there



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