Hire Me!



Hi! If you’ve found this page then you’ve likely strolled through my blog and my eCommerce shop and liked what you saw there. So, first off – thank you for spending your time reading and getting to know me.  Second, I would love to hear about the projects you have on the go. Maybe I could help you out – I offer several services on a freelance basis like:




Have a blog languishing in the land of stale content? That can’t be! Your blog should be a fresh place to engage clients and showcase your brand. I’ve generated content for Canada Safeway, the Calgary Herald and more. I can do it for you too. Let’s chat about it.




You don’t have graphic designers on staff but need a few things from time to time so your brand gives off the exact right vibe to go with your biz. I get it. I do all the design work around hometoheather.com and I can help you too, it’s something I really enjoy. From hand drawn to computer illustrated work, I’ve got you covered.




Your client is throwing a big bash and wants a vintage vibe so you need a dozen milk glass vases and some 50 year old kitchen decor to boot. It’s going to take you weeks to gather all those goodies! Fear not, if I don’t already have it in my inventory, I know where to get it. Let me know what you’re looking for.




If you need someone to capture the fun for your baby shower, sorry, I’m not your gal. But if you need photography to go along with content creation, graphic design or to help showcase your products for your online shop – then, let’s rock it.


I hope this run down gives you a better idea of the work we can do together. I’m super excited to hear all about your projects. Drop me an email and let’s talk.