Make It: Home Command Center


I’ve wanted to DIY a Menu Board / Home Command Center for a long time now.  I am a visual person and I need to have things out where I can see them or it’s out of sight, out of mind.  That said, I don’t want a bunch of clutter sitting around either.  While it would be a lot easier to not need stuff, that’s not exactly how life unfolds.  I also wanted to check out our local reclaimed reno supply store and there were loads of unfinished cabinet doors in great condition.

diy chalkboard menu board

It was like this Memo Board DIY was meant to be.  I headed to the craft store and bought some stuff.  I went a little nuts in there, the craft store has that effect on me.  You could likely do yours with less.  I did end up using some leftover paint from another project so I saved there. I also didn’t end up using the little photo frame that’s in the picture.  I realized it was overkill.  Less is more right?


After I had all my stuff, I taped off the center panel of the door and spray painted it with the chalkboard paint.  It was really simple – two coats and then let it dry over night before touching it.  I followed the existing lines and did a white boarder with a blue stripe in the center.  Because of the design of my door, I had to really REALLY take care with the painter’s tape.  It is possible to tape off a curve – it just takes patience.

DIY home command centerDIY memo board from cabinet door

After the paint was dry it was time to add the bits and bobs.  The cork tiles were stuck on with double sided tape.  I really loved that it made natural pockets to store the pen and chalk in!  I put a strip of magnetic tape down both sides of the chalkboard and that lets me move elements however I need them on a daily basis.  The wooden disks have magnets on the back so they attach to the strips.  I painted them and can use them to denote days of the week or whatever else I might require.  The clips also got magnetized and they can be used on the sides of the chalkboard or on the metal disks I stuck (also with double sided tape) over the cork tile.

DIY upcycled cabinet door

Once I was done, and everything had dried I attached picture hardware to the back and stuck it to the wall with those sticky hooks.  Easy!  It was really a simple project and it cost less than if I had gone out and bought something like it.  I think it’s super cute and I’ll use it to keep track of school events, grocery lists, menu plans and more!  If you make one, be sure to tag me in your instagrams or tweets!  I’m @hometoheather on both platforms.  I’d love to see what you create.

This DIY Home Command Center is made of an Up-Cycled cabinet door! It features chalkboard paint, cork board and magnets to make staying organized easy and effortless. Use it for your menu plan and to keep your kitchen island tidy. #DIY #upcycle #chalkboard #memoboard



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