Creating Interest with Colour

Our home is a new build house.  Meaning, it’s beautiful and new but every single wall is the same color.  Bringing some character into this place is going to take time but there’s an easy and fast way to make some impact right now.  Our front entrance was bare except for a rug we put down the week we moved in.  I’ve had a mirror and some candle sconces sitting in a closet for months now.  These things aren’t new – we had them in the other house.  But I like them and wanted to use them again.

But this time I wanted to add an extra layer of interest with some color.

Looking at my colour palette I realized I wanted to bring in a bit more green to go with the area rug we have in the living area.  I flipped through my Benjamin Moore Gluckstein fandeck and immediate fell in love with Lapland AF-410

How to Create Interest with Colour

Step 1) Decide where you want to place your band of color and measure it out.  I took the size of my mirror and sconces into consideration and measured in 18″ from the corners towards the center.

Step 2) Tape!  This is a key step.  I measured and marked several points along my wall so I just had to connect the dots with my tape.  I used Frog Tape which is specially made to seal and prevent bleeding for a crisp line and I was really impressed with how well it worked.  Once you have your tape in place, run your fingernail down the edge to make sure you have a super sharp seal.

Step 3) Cut in.  I used an angled brush to cut in at the edges and along the ceiling. I was pretty proud of the job I did – no mistakes!  Here’s a video that shows how to do it.

Step 4) Fill in and paint the rest of the wall with a roller.  I almost got away with one coat – would have if I’d been a little heavier with the paint.  But let it dry before you decide if you need two coats, it’s hard to judge when it’s wet.  If you’re covering a dark color you’ll want a paint and primer in one like the can shown.

Step 5) Remove the tape!


This is what it looked like before I hung the mirror and candles – already more interesting than the plain base colored wall.


And here is the After.  Tada!


Note: Benjamin Moore is currently sponsoring this content, however, they didn’t direct me in anyway.  The concept and execution, as well as choice of color is all my own.  As are my opinions.  Always.





  1. Heather I would like to invite you to visit me for a few weeks. You got mad skills. Everything you do looks great, and this is no exception.

  2. Oh I love that. I’ve seen tons of home improvement shows where they do fancy schmancy things like that & I’ve always wanted to try something cool like that in my house, but I am WAY too lazy to move my furniture and tape up the wall LMAO!!

    • really, this was super fast to do – I did it all in one afternoon and was done by dinnertime. This is the perfect project for a lazy diy-er!

  3. Looks lovely. I was expecting the name of that shade to end up being a blue color. It’s a nice bit of colour and surprised me by not being blue.

    I don’t know why I equate blue with lapland.

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