Fill Space with Colour

In my first post of this colour series I showed you my base room, ready for finishing touches.  Here it is again to refresh your memories:

Do you see the wall above the chairs, where my colour splotches are?  That wall is large and bare.  I’ve thought about what to put on that wall since the day we moved in.  Eventually, I’d like to put a fireplace there, or at least a faux fireplace.  But that’s long term…I needed something on it like, yesterday.  It really made the house feel naked.

I tried to put a few things there but wasn’t happy.  The wall was too big and my hanging too small.  I figured a canvas painting the right size would be at min $1500 and I just didn’t have that cash to drop on a piece of art (as much as I’d LOVE to do so.)

Then last week I did the wall in the front entrance and both myself and my hubs really loved the color (Lapland AF-410)  And I had a LOT left over.  I knew I needed to use it on my big bare wall.  I knew the color would be perfect with the carpet.  I knew it would help me fill up that huge space.

I found these little decorative shelves at Homesense but they were white and well, that just won’t do.  Nothing else in the room was white.  So I painted them Lapland too.


Then I measured out my items and measured out the wall and got to taping.  I taped out the sections I wanted to paint and made sure my frog tape was adhered well.

I’ll spare you the ‘in progress shots because they look almost exactly like the ones I took in the front entrance last week.  Besides, I’m excited to show you the after.  It’s the exact perfect treatment for the wall.  The painted areas really help to take up space and anchor the wall.  Oh enough chatter.  TADA!

I’m loving the little shelves.  I placed some shiny things there to relate to the chrome legs on the couch.  And the fabric hoops match the fabric on the back of my chairs.  If you haven’t read that re-upholstered chair post yet, check it out.  I did this all in one afternoon.  It was super easy and inexpensive.  Especially since I already had the paint yet what an impact it makes on our entire lower floor.  This wall is visible from the front door and so the entrance area ties in really well.  I’m just thrilled with the result!

What about you?  Have you painted anything recently?  Drop me a link in comments so I can check out your projects!



Note: Benjamin Moore is currently sponsoring this content, however, they didn’t direct me in anyway.  The concept and execution, as well as choice of color is all my own.  As are my opinions.  Always.



  1. The stripes and plates really added to the room. I would never have thought to combine this colors… actually, I probably would have scoffed at it, but it looks damn good.

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